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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Instructional Listening

Even though Arya and Eiley don't say many verbal words, they definitely understand what we are saying. Today, Eiley took a much longer nap than usual. When she got up, Arya had already nursed and had a very large snack. I sat on the couch to nurse Eiley and she threw her pacifier. Arya picked it up and put it in her mouth even though she usually only gets a pacer if she is going to sleep.
Me: Arya, take the pacer out of your mouth please.
Arya: Dramatically pulls the pacer out.
Me: Laughing. You have cracker in your mouth. Can I have that?
Arya: Pulls the cracker out of her mouth with her open hand and hands it to me.

LOL! I wanted the pacer, not the cracker, but I had mentioned the cracker and she was following my directions.

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  1. Isn't it amazing to see - and hear! - things through the eyes and ears of your children now? When we can stop to appreciate it, I think it can bring an entirely new level of awareness.

    Your girls are precious! And I love the picture on your header. Our girls had those same patterned onesies (in a larger size), and just the sight of that takes me right back. :)