Welcome to the Roe household blog. We're attempting to post 365 days of pictures in a Roe. Cork and I have been married since 2002 and welcomed identical daughters in August of 2009 after a struggle with infertility. Our girls were definitely worth the wait and I say they were destined to be here because they were conceived on my birthday, due on my sister's birthday and born on my grandma's birthday. What are the chances of that! We welcomed our third daughter in June of 2012. We all fell in love with her right away. She has two amazing older sisters who love to watch over her.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Poopoo

Both kids love to diaper their baby dolls. I found Eiley diapering one today in the living room and had to laugh when I saw it. The diaper she picked was bigger than the poor doll. All I could see was a little bit of the dolls head sticking out from the top of the diaper.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choo Choo Ride

We took the girls to the zoo this morning and they went on their first "choo choo ride". They both loved it. It was so cute to watch them happily sitting there and looking out the windows.

We had a really long day and finished it at the neighbors house in their pool. A&E stayed up 90 minutes past their bedtime and were so good.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rock Butts

There are some things in life that you just shouldn't have to tell your kids. We were all playing outside tonight when they unsnapped their diapers and started pulling them off through the leg holes of their shorts. I helped and took the diapers off and put their shorts back on. They weren't sure what to think about wearing shorts with no diaper. Cork took off to say hi to a neighbor and the girls followed. While standing around between two yards, the kids were picking up rocks. I found myself saying "No, do not put rocks in your butt. Ok!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buns of Steel

The kids asked for an orange after they'd eaten a bunch of food for breakfast. They've been eating and sleeping a lot lately, so I figured they must be growing and must be hungry. I showed them an orange and they both agreed that was what they wanted. I washed the orange and peeled it while I talked to them. I then turned my back to slice it. By the time I had one section sliced and turned back around to see them, this is what I found. I am not in a hurry for them to potty train, but I wish they'd leave their diapers on until they really are ready.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woe I E

I've been trying to teach the girls their names. Eiley will finally say hers, but Arya refuses to even try to say hers. Every time I ask her what her name is, she says "I-E". Now she's throwing in their last name, but first. Woe I-E. I've also been trying to teach them how old they will be on their birthday. Today, I asked Arya what her name is. Her response was "Woe I-E name two".

Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Girls

I'm trying to keep the girls as busy as possible to keep them out of trouble and to help me keep my sanity. As long as I can keep them busy, my house stays in a little better shape and we have less fighting and biting. We started our day today at the zoo. After the zoo, the kids took a nap. They both got up and ate lunch. After lunch, I gave them the option to do art stuff or to go to the pool. It was hot and very nice today, so I would have loved to go to the pool. They both picked the art stuff. Both drew with markers for a couple minutes and then begged for paint. I put paint on little paper plates for them. Instead of painting on the paper they had, they smeared the paint on the plates, themselves, me, the table and the chair I was sitting in.

We ran inside a couple times during art time to use the potty. Or at least to sit on the potty. Both kids kept telling me they had to go, but they just played around. After potty time, I filled the pool and both kids played around. It was a good way to wash off the markers and paint. We bought washable markers and paint recently and the extra money for the washable was totally worth it.

I had to put dinner together after pool time. Of course this is the time of day when both kids become super needy and destroy the house. By the time Cork gets home, the family room usually looks like a tornado hit it, hence the Twinado nickname. Today, Eiley chose to play with soap at the kitchen sink while Arya spread clean diapers everywhere.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dala Girls

The kids have a couple new words that I want to talk about. The first took me a couple weeks to figure out. We'd be driving in the car and they'd be saying "ah-new". They'd play with their baby doll and say "ah-new baby". They'd pet one of the cats and say "ah-new". Do you have a clue what "ah-new" means? I think the reason it took me so long to figure out is that they weren't always using it in the same situtation. A few days ago I finally figured out that "ah-new" means hungry.

Their other new word is "who-dow". I figured this one out much faster. They would say it while I was changing their diapers. "Who-dow" is moo cow. They have 2 cow diapers and now prefer those to any of the other plain color covers we own.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fairy Princess Party

There is an art studio where my parents live called Women's Space. Every year, they host a Fairy Princess Party. This is something my mom usually takes my niece too, but she was out of town this year. My mom asked if A&E would like to go and I thought we should give it a try. I'm so glad we did.

Arya & Eiley loved the party. It started with a very quick dance around a Maypoll. There were teenage girls dressed in light blue leotards and tutus instructing the kids how to dance around the Maypoll. After the dance was done, the kids were released to do the different activities. We were assigned crown making first. We had to stand in line to pick up supplies for the crown. A&E were not so good about standing in line. They did a lot of running away from us while laughing. They raced around while random people took pictures of them. We finally got up to the front of the line and the kids loved picking out flowers and ribbons. We made their crowns while they patiently waited with us. Once the crowns were done we put them on. Arya loved hers and kept it on most of the night. Eiley kept taking hers off. Both kids were adorable and attracted even more attention once they had their crowns.

After the crowns, we went on a scavenger hunt. Both kids got a white lunch sack and we were off walking through the trees. There were pictures of fairies hanging from the trees and under each fairy was a "useless item". The girls found shells, lace, qtips, rubber bands, paper clips, pasta, jewels, soft little balls, feathers, and a couple other things that i can't remember. Amongst the trees, people had built fairy houses before the party. It was adorable to watch all the kids there running from place to place grabbing "useless things" and pointing out the fairy houses.

After the scavenger hunt we moved on to the wand making. A&E took a long time doing the hunt, so the wand station wasn't busy by the time we got to it. They picked out wands, each with an orange ball on the end since orange is their favorite color right now. They also picked out different pieces of ribbon and pipe cleaners to put on the wands.

Next up were "fairy cakes", which most of you would know as cupcakes, drawings for prizes, and a little more dancing. The dancing was short enough that it held A&E's attention. In past years, they dancing has gone on way too long and kids lost attention watching it. I'm glad that it was short and sweet this year for the kids benefit and for mine.

I'm excited to bring the kids back next year since they thought it was so much fun this year.

Twilight Fan?

I'm not sure where Arya learned to bite, but I don't think it was from watching any Twilight movies. She's very slowly learning that "biting babies don't get buhbuh." I wish she'd learn this faster, but for now she's biting Eiley and everything else that frustrates her. I caught her biting a toy yesterday that was stuck in her toy box. She was frustrated that she couldn't get the toy out like she wanted. Any ideas out there on how to help her get past her frustrations or how to handle them differently?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Butter? Chocolate?

While I cleaned up lunch today, Arya grabbed butter off the counter.

I distracted her from the butter by giving each kid a little piece of chocolate. Apparently all the times they've begged for chocolate to feed their babies, they've really wanted to feed the babies chocolate.

Free Fluff Stuff

I've had some people ask recently where we bought our fluff for the girls. Fluff is a term that many cloth diaper fanatics use for any cloth diapers. I think some of those people should be called Fluff Heads. I love our "fluff" but I don't have an obsession with it. We have enough cloth diapers for the twinado, but I never have a desire to spend a lot more money on fluff we don't need.

That being said, even I can't resist the chance to win some free cloth items. Nicki's Diapers is an online diaper store that sells all across the country. I am lucky enough to have their 2 box locations close by. I've bought almost all of our fluff from their shop in Madison. If you aren't as lucky as I am, you can always order online at http://www.nickisdiapers.com/. Right now, Nicki's is giving away a diaper pail liner from Planet Wise. All of the diaper pail liners and wet bags I own are Planet Wise. They make great products and I highly recommend them if you need something they make.
I dug this picture out of our archive yesterday. Today, I dug out the diaper Arya is wearing. I think the maximum weight on that diaper is 8 lbs. The diaper is tiny! We put it on a cabbage patch kid and it fit really well.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vitamin A&D

I tried to do a little cleaning up today while the girls were awake. Mistake! While I was cleaning, they were busy coating themselves in Vitamin A&D ointment.

I took them upstairs to take a bath and they were more than happy to climb on it.

After the bath, I put diapers on them and let them jump in their cribs. I ran downstairs while they were jumping so I could throw dinner in the oven. I came back upstairs to find them still jumping, but with everything thrown out of their cribs. Everything including their diapers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bowtie Again

Eiley sure does love this bowtie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tee and Buy

We had a great day filled with swimming, painting with water colors and playing with play dough. Does life get any better than this for toddlers?

A couple days ago I taught the kids what it meant to have 2 of something because I'm trying to teach them that they will be 2 years old. Now, they ask for 2 every time I give them something. I gave them crackers today and both were screaming 2, 2, 2....so I gave them each a second cracker. Later, I told Arya that I was going to count to three and that she had to pick up something she had thrown outside or she would be on a time out. I started counting "one, two" and Arya yells out "tee" as loud as she could. Of course I busted out laughing and couldn't put her on a time out for not picking up.

I thought the kids had an understanding of what it meant to buy something. If we're at a store and they want something they ask to buy it. Eiley saw a container of bubbles in a cabinet today and started yelling "buy bubbles" over and over again because she wanted them.. Obviously we have a little more work to do before she fully grasps what buy means.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Switcing Places

The girls found out picnic lunch today around 10:30. They decided to help themselves while I was in another room.

Later today, I was dusting and saw Eiley playing with the dirty diaper pail. I couldn't see her face when I started to talk. This was our conversation.

Me: Arya don't touch that. Or Eiley. Or whoever you are.
E: Arya.
Me: You're Eiley.
E: No, Arya (said with a huge grin and a sly tone, followed by a laugh)

I think it's hilarious that she knows she can blame Arya and that it's funny. I know she doesn't understand that she's an identical twin and what that means. I tried to Google what age ID twins realize they are twins, that they look alike and that they can switch places. Of course I didn't find any answers to those things.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Uh Oh YaYas

Eiley put crackers down her shirt today and of course Arya was quick to follow when she caught us laughing. I'm not sure we should encourage them looking down their shirts and yelling "uh oh, yayas".

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We went to the farmers market and Maxwell Street Days in Madison today. I love their farmers market. It's better than any other market I've been to in the US. We saw this wagon while there. I have never seen anything like this before.

The kids had a great day playing at their Mema and Beba's house. Arya pulled out a boa again while I changed her diaper. She was busy playing while I was busy trying to keep the feathers out of her poop.

Both kids went crazy over a baby doll their Mema gave them to play with. It's so cute to watch them play (and fight) over the baby. Mema also got out a really nice wooden high chair and crib for the kids. As she was wiping down the crib I told her that the kids would be climbing in it right away. I don't think it took more than a minute for one of them to get in.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Boa Girls

The kids were both playing with boas at their grandparents' house tonight. Arya was definitely more into it than Eiley. It was pretty funny to watch both of them. Of course when I got the camera out, Eiley decided she wanted nothing to do with me or the boa.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chocolate Shake

The girls and I went out for lunch today with their Uncle Greggy. They got a hot dog, fries and a chocolate shake to split. They were in heaven! After lunch, Uncle Greggy and I took the girls to the Betty Brinn museum where they ran around like crazy for a couple hours.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Our girls are 23 months old today. Wow! They are always making me laugh, but they are also driving me a little batty this week. Neither is feeling well, neither is sleeping well and both have figured out how to physically harm the other. They were fighting in the bathtub tonight and Arya grabbed a huge chunk of Eiley's back with her fingers and pinched as hard as she could. I actually didn't take a picture today, so the pics posted today were actually taken on the 14th.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Different Doughs

I think it's fun to watch the kids play with play dough. Arya pokes at it with the knife and pulls of tiny little pieces. Eiley cuts through it as fast as she can and is left with huge chunks. The girls were a bit of a handful today. My parents were around to help out, which was awesome because I might have lost my sanity if they weren't.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Last Drop

When eating ice cream, it is very important to make sure you get every last drop out of your bowl.

Yep, I love how they look out for each other.