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Saturday, April 5, 2014

When Dad is Away

When Dad is away the family will play...or otherwise known as mom will be lazy. We actually did a lot today, but a lot of it made things easy on me. We went to the Home Depot and did their monthly class. Zia was better behaved than she usually is and it wasn't too much of a challenge to finish the project with Arya and Eiley. It was an easier project, so that helped a lot. Then we headed to the gym for ballet. I really wanted a coffee, but the Starbucks drive through line was so long and I just wasn't up to fighting with Zia to get her in her carseat again, so we skipped that. After ballet, we spent most of the day outside. It was in the upper 50s and we took full advantage of it. Playing outside is so much easier than inside. We went for a walk/bike ride, played on the swing set, played hide and seek with a neighbor, and I even got to finally bring in the last of the Christmas lights that were frozen under a bunch of ice until recently. A bunch of neighborhood kids came over and kept the girls entertained for the last part of our day before dinner. We went to Kopps as a treat and split burgers. Then, I let the twins each get their own ice cream cone. That's something we do maybe once a year. Usually we'll get a pint and take it home. They both ate almost their entire cone. I foresee huge eczema outbreaks in their future. They were worn out and asked to go to bed by 7:15. They didn't fall asleep then, but they wanted some down time and I was not going to argue.

Zia did something today that the twins have not tried until recently, and she did not see them do it. She tried to climb onto the top of the car.

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