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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Did your jaw just drop?

No, I'm not pregnant, so that may have been just a little evil. I found that in a drawer while cleaning this week. OMG is right. As in OMG who saves a stick they've peed on and shoves it in a drawer. I had no idea it was even there. I didn't mean to save it. If you peed on the end of a hair brush, would you cover that end and shove the brush in a drawer? No!!!!! So why the hell did I save this thing? That's just gross.


  1. wow my heart stopped! MEAN!
    I have mine..all of them, in a plastic baggy. i havent decided what to do with them yet

  2. That is MEAN. And yah...I'm with you, sooooo gross. I took a photo of it and thought I tossed it till I was cleaning out a drawer, lmao

  3. You totally had me going! I still have all of mine from all 3 kids, 2 for each girl and 4 for Miller!lol

  4. Of course my jaw dropped! haha I kept mine in a baggy until he was a couple months old and came across it again....it's in a dump now.

  5. I found the sticks for both girls way after they were born...can't remember if I tossed them after I found them...and I have to admit, you had me going there for a bit!