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Friday, January 21, 2011

Little Heart Melters

My big girls are starting to sit in their high chairs up at the table like booster seats. Where did my babies go? The last two days, my big girls have decided they don't need a nap. Hopefully this doesn't continue. Yesterday they both had a breakdown around 5:00. They refused to eat dinner and were in bed by 6:00 pm. Today, they were happy until their regular bed time. They were running around, giggling, until we brought them upstairs.

These two are complete buddies. I love watching them interact. While they were not napping, I could hear their squeals of delight from upstairs. When I went up to get them, they had passed toys back and forth, thrown blankets out of the crib, their socks were scattered around the room and their pacifiers were on the ground. They happily jumped up and down when I walked into the room, and pointed at their pacifiers, grunting and laughing to let me know they wanted them. I got Arya out first, she grabs both pacifiers, holds one in the air toward Eiley's crib and calls "Eiiiiiiii-ley". Later today, I was brushing Eiley's teeth. Arya was in the other room with Cork. Eiley wanted to make sure that Arya didn't miss out on the fun, so she started calling "Ara". My heart just melts watching the two of them interact.

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  1. And that's exactly why I love twins!!! That's so cute and melts my heart even though I've never met them!!! Love this!!