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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pinkeye Crew

The pinkeye crew and I went out for a run today. It was gorgeous...and I was slow. I was running about 10 minute miles. I guess not too bad considering I rarely run and I was pushing 50+ pounds in the stroller.

We spent most of our day outside today. I wore the kids out. Around 7:15, I told them we had to go in and get ready for bed. They all needed a bath, but decided to take a shower instead, even Zia. Obviously she needed help. After that they all had a snack, brushed their teeth, and we read books. I finally got them to bed around 8:15. When I tried to put Zia in her bed she said "that bed" and pointed to the twin bed. She's never said bed before. So, I made up the twin bed for her to see how it would go. She laid down and asked me to lay next to her. I told her I couldn't becuase I had to get some stuff done. She then tried to get up. I picked her up and put her in her crib. I explained that if she got up she had to sleep there instead. She pointed to the other bed and told me "that", so I moved her back and she went right to sleep. I don't know if she'll continue sleeping in it or go back to the crib. Either way, I'm okay with it because she decided it was time.

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