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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Poop Flashbacks

Cork is gone this week and I had two one hour meetings at school tonight. Kid care is offered at one of those, but not the other. I knew there was no way the kids would last for two hours sitting up at school. I had my brother come over instead to watch the kids. I was ready to run out the door and decided to put in pink eye drops before I left. While I was giving Arya her drops, I heard Zia yelling from the bathroom. I finished the drops and went to check on her. She'd taken off her pajama bottoms and diaper, and climbed onto the toilet. Great? No. She had pooped first. So she, the floor, and the toilet were covered. I had flashbacks to the time Arya did this in my bathroom. I got her and the bathroom cleaned up before heading out the door. While she made a mess, she's making the connection with her needing to go to the bathroom and using the bathroom. Not bad for someone who is 23 months today. She used the toilet two other times today, both times were by her request. I am not leading the way in this at all.

Between taking Zia to the potty, I pretty much cleaned all day. I was so annoyed with the twins. Arya was home this morning because of her pink eye and the house stayed okay. Eiley came home and it was an instant disaster. I tried everything to get them to help and to stop being so messy. Eventually I told them that I was just going to clean and ignore them the rest of the day, that I had no time to spend with them because I had to clean up after them and then go to my meetings. I also told them I was going to start getting rid of their toys again if they kept leaving them out. Neither seemed to care about most of the things until I mentioned getting rid of their care bears. This just reinforced the fact that they have too much stuff. I have a ton of stuff in the basement to get rid of. I got rid of other things recently. I don't know how we got so much, because we haven't bought them toys in so long. We just get things from other people. We pass them on when we are done, but we have a collection of things that the twins aren't playing with now, but Zia hasn't started playing with yet and I have a hard time getting rid of that. Once she's done, I am happy to pass things onto the next family.

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