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Monday, August 9, 2010

He Said, She Said

Things said around this house recently:
-Eiley, you don't follow directions very well.

-Back on the horse. Back on the horse. Back on the horse. Back on the horse. (This is Cork trying to distract one of the kids. It wasn't working.)

-Arya, keep your diaper on.

-She's eating a cracker off the floor.
-She eats shoes, so why not a cracker.

-Your sister is not a step.

-No licking the table.

-Eiley. Eiley!
+That's Arya.
-Okay, Arya.

-Do not eat the ottoman.

-Eiley's forehead is looking more like Arya's....wait, that is Arya.

Both girls figured out how to turn sideways to get out of our sliding door. I often leave it cracked when the cats are outside and the kids are inside. Looks like that's not going to work any longer.

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  1. LOL! Yeah, we've said a few of those around here too. We also say a lot that "Griffin is looking more like Kian - oh, wait, that is Kian. No, it's Griffin. Wait, check the toe!" (Since G has a painted toenail.) Then we realize how silly we sound because OF COURSE G is going to look like K - they are identical! :lol: