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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Longest Day

Today was a long day. Every time I get up early to get things done, the kids get up early too. During the day, I am not quiet while they sleep. Today, Eiley slept for 30 minutes in a room with at least 15 screaming kids. In the morning, I creep around trying to not wake them. The antibiotics have not kicked in for the cat yet and I woke up to a couple piles of barf in the family room and a urine soaked rug. Thankfully it was a rug I could throw into the washer. Tide is one of my best friends against cat urine. Anyway, I got that cleaned up before Eiley decided to start her day bright and early, hence her nap during a play group.

By bath time I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture yet today. While the tub was filling, I dragged both kids out of the bathroom and shut the door. I grabbed my camera and let them back into the bathroom. Of course they both made a b-line for the tub. When I looked through the viewer on the camera, I realized that I can no longer tell who is who with a quick glance at the back of their heads. Before their helmets it was blatantly obvious. I checked out the top of their heads and I can't use that to tell either. Looks like I'm going to need some practice in telling who is who from behind.

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