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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mrs. Tomato Head

If you look closely, you'll see tomato seeds on E's head and face. She and A both love their tomatoes. They take after me for that and not their father. I only have a few tomatoes left from our garden and the three of us will be sad once they are gone.

I had to take a pic of both of them, just to show off their adorable outfits. They were both so happy this morning when they saw what I was putting on them. It's funny to see them get excited over new things. They are 18 month size outfits. While a little big, I don't think the 12 month size would fit very well or very long. The label cracks me up because they are supposed to be for kids from 24 to 27 lbs. Neither A nor E is 20 lbs yet. They are so long though that many 12 month pants are like capris on them.

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  1. Only one of my girls will eat tomatoes! I try tricking Julie-Ann by hiding the raw ones under soemthing but she always finds it and spits it out :(