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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 Month Milestones

The girls are 20 months old today. Here are some things they are up to...

-Said her first 3 word sentence today. She just recently started to string 2 words together. I asked Eiley if she had pooped and Arya said "yeah Eiley poopoo". Eiley had not pooped, but Arya was convinced and she started to check Eiley's diaper.
-Loves to go "teetee" on the potty.
-Went to her first organized class at the gym today. She was more interested in playing with the door at first than doing what the other kids were doing.
-Loves music! She knows how to turn our stereo and my clock radio on. She turns them on any second she gets.
-Hates to be put in her carseat. I have to bribe her with "bah" (aka chapstick) to sit down.
-Likes to try new ways to go down the slide and likes to swing on a big kid swing.

-Could sit in the outside swing all day. She likes to swing, but right now she's more interested in doing and undoing the buckle on the seat belt.
-Also went to her first organized class at the gym today. She was really interested in her reflection in the mirror. She kept saying "Arya" at her reflection.
-She loves to look at pictures of people she knows and points out animals in books and makes the animal noises.
-Knows what she wants and isn't afraid to scream about it.
-Loves to drag chairs from the table to the counter.
-Is not safe around soap dispensers.
-Just learned how to empty her dresser.

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  1. I love that when she looked in the mirror E said A's name...that is sooo cute!