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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Tee Tee" on the Potty

Arya has a new trick. She did it yesterday for the first time and I thought it was a fluke, but then she did it again today. She lifts Eiley's shirt, pulls on her diaper, sniffs and says "uh oh, poo poo". I couldn't stop laughing the first time she did it. I'm sure the laughs she got were encouragement for her to do it again. Eiley had not pooped any of the times Arya has done this, but it's still funny.

Arya went "tee tee" on the potty for the first time today. She told me she had to go and ran to the bathroom. I put her on and sure enough, she actually had to pee. She was so proud of herself. We are really not trying to potty train, but I do talk to them about going on the potty and as I've said before, they go into the bathroom with me all the time since they are destructive around the house if they are free. I was pretty impressed that she took the initiative in this. She sat on the potty 2 other times today and did not do anything. She really just thinks it is fun, so I don't expect that she will actually self potty train any time soon.


  1. That is pretty cute! Also very awesome about the interest in potty training!

  2. Try the towel potty training method.