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Saturday, December 3, 2011

That Twin Thing

Arya asked this morning if she could wear her "go buppy" outfit. Of course we were happy to let them wear their Badger outfits considering the Big 10 Championship is tonight. Cork went to help paint at my brother's house this morning and it was raining outside. The girls and I went on a date at Panera. They got to pick whatever they wanted and both picked a cookie with mini M&Ms on it. Then they both wanted to eat my bagel before they finished their cookies. We always get comments while we are out, but we got so many more than usual today. I assume that's because we were at Panera during what seemed to be their Geriatric hour and because the girls were dressed the same, which they rarely are anymore. One women who talked to us let us know that she has 9 kids and in those 9 are 3 sets of fraternal twins. I've said before that I absolutely love having twins. Their bond is amazing and they are hilarious to watch together. I also don't have a huge desire to have another set. If we did, which we won't, we'd handle it and learn to love it again, but I really don't want those first 9 months of twins again. I especially don't want a twin pregnancy while I'm taking care of toddlers.

Tonight, Arya was tormenting one of the cats and as Cork was pulling her away the cat bit at her. He didn't try to break her skin, it was just a warning snap. I know that sounds bad and if I was reading this I would think he wasn't safe to have around kids. He really is safe with them and really wasn't trying to bite. He'll do the same thing to Cork periodically. He's more putting her closed teeth on a hand rather than biting. It's his warning when he's really annoyed, but he's never drawn blood or even scratched someone doing this...except maybe my dad, but Ingogh seems to have a love hate relationship with my dad. Anyway, Eiley and I were reading a book when this happened. Cork yelled at the cat, which scared Arya and she started to cry. I asked Eiley what was wrong and she said that Arya was hurt.
V: Did Arya hurt her tummy?
E: No
V: Did she hurt her arm?
E: No
V: Did she hurt her hand?
E: Yeah!
I'm amazed that she knew what Arya hurt since she didn't see what happened. This may have been coincidence that she answered yet, but I purposely started with the wrong body part to see if she'd know.

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