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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Had A Bad Day

This morning was a bit chaotic around here. Eiley and I are sick. I usually try to get up before the girls and get a few things done, but not today. I slept in until they woke up. I got them fed, with Eiley refusing to eat most of what I gave her because she wanted bread. This is when it starts to get hectic. Arya gets changed first, then Eiley. As Eiley's diaper is being changed, Arya is crawling off to examine the nice pile of vomit/hairball one of our cats left us. I don't get her in time and she needs her hands washed. I wash her hands, put both kids in the family room and go to clean the vomit. While cleaning the vomit, I see that one of the cats has peed off the back of the couch onto a living room table. I determine right then that he's going to the vet to see if he has a urinary issue or if he's just being a pain in the ass since both kids are mobile and he's not getting as much attention. While I'm cleaning the urine, Arya figures out how to get her diaper off. I hear the tabs being pulled, clean up my hands and put her diaper back on. She isn't dressed yet because I wanted to clean up the cat mess before I cleaned up everything else. I got back to the urine and the next thing I know, here come both kids, crawling and giggling toward me. Arya has no diaper on again. I go to find the diaper and find a nice urine puddle from her in the kitchen. I was just glad it was in the kitchen tile and not on carpet. I put Arya's diaper on at least 8 more times before I have things cleaned up enough to go get her dressed for the day. I walk into the kitchen and see Eiley's face and hands are covered in liquid. I think it's water and look around for the source. Nope, not water. She's coated herself in running, liquidy mucus. All of this is before 8:15 am. We got up 90 minutes before that and had a good 45 to an hour in the high chairs.

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