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Monday, June 28, 2010

Snap Crackle and Pop

I had to take the kids to the helmet place yet again for Eiley to get an adjustment today. They were both exhausted before we left and crashed while nursing. I laid them on the floor to put a stroller in the car and pack a few things and they stayed there.

Eiley's helmet is now ground down to the hard outerlayer where it's giving her a sore. The hope is that the sore spot will heal while she's wearing the helmet. If she keeps the helmet off too long it can't go back on as she will have grown out of the spots that are in constant contact. We have an appointment in just over a week. If her head is healed up by then, they'll patch the helmet back to where it needs to be and we hope the pressure sore doesn't re-appear. If the sore does not go away, the orthotist said he would need to rescan her and make a completely new helmet.

I was trying to get some cooking done this afternoon and A&E would not stay out of the cat bowls. I decided to give them their own bowl of rice krispies to play with to distract them. The cereal stayed in the bowl for less than a second before it was dumped. I needed to clean the floor and knew going into it that this would be the outcome. I should have taken an after picture as the cereal was everywhere. They had fun and it kept them out of the cat bowls for about 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes were up, they were right back at the bowls and had trailed the cereal with them.

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