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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby Bed

Eiley has been such a goof lately. She's obsessed with this little baby doll carrier. Usually she has a doll in it and is screaming if the doll isn't laying exactly right. Today, she decided she would fit better and spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out how she could cram herself into it.

The girls got to paint at school today. The teachers couldn't find all the art supplies, so decided to do art work one on one and let 16 two year olds do independent play in the room while they weren't doing art. Never again! The parents watched the kids and teachers trying to clean up at the end of class and it was pretty comical. The room was destroyed!

After lunch, the kids were playing upstairs while I cleaned up and make some cookie dough. Arya came sliding down the stairs, walked into the kitchen and threw a soaking wet diaper onto my kitchen counter. Then she took off running and I couldn't catch her until we were all the way back upstairs. She is fast when she wants to be. It was so hard to get a diaper back on her. She would much rather walk around without one and just go wherever she is.

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