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Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Quite Potty Training

Arya started dancing at lunch today and frantically told me she had to "pee pee poppy momma". She ran over there, I took her diaper off and she happily went to the bathroom. Her diaper was dry and she hadn't been changed in about 4 hours. A few hours after lunch, I was baking cookies. The kids had been helping, but they got bored and ran away. She came downstairs, plopped a soaking wet diaper on the kitchen counter, said something I don't remember and then tried to run back upstairs wearing only her shirt. It was a huge struggle to get a diaper back on her. She had no interest and I had to explain over and over that if she used the potty all the time she could stop wearing a diaper, but as long as she's peeing in her diaper she has to still wear one. If I thought she was 100% ready to actively potty train, I'd jump at the chance to get at least one of them out of diapers. She's getting close, but really isn't quite ready yet. At this point, I'd still be training myself to remember to put her on the potty every hour or so rather than her recognizing when she needs to use it. Right now she's starting to recognize if she isn't busy doing something fun.

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