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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picaso Turkey

Arya and Eiley both love napkins. I really should move them to a higher cupboard so they can't get them all the time. This morning, Arya spilled her oatmeal at breakfast. Eiley grabbed a new clean towel to clean it up. Once she was done, Arya grabbed a napkin. Then antoher. And then another.

V: Arya, no more napkins. That's your last one.
A: No me nahkin. Dat I-E nahkin. R-ya more.
And then she proceeded to grab another one while I was cleaning the oatmeal pot. LOL!

For the first time this school year, they went dressed to school in the same outfit. They were celebrating Thanksgiving, so we let them wear their turkey shirts and striped pants. They were so excited to wear their "goggle goggle" shirts. At school, they have a "feast" with corn, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, apple sauce and orange juice.  Eiley devoured the coolwhip on top of her pie and then happily dug into Arya's.

I love the Picaso-esq turkeys they made at school.

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