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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Chocolate

Besides the fact that they are gnawing on a chocolate bunny while I'm trying to do laundry, this is so cute. They got out a cutting board to try to cut the chocolate bunny. Without a knife, they just gave up and tried to take bites.

Eiley threw a colossal fit tonight. She was happily playing legos with Cork until I called them into the kitchen for dinner. She came into the kitchen and threw her fit. I'm not sure what set her off. She didn't even make it into her chair. I think she was yelling that she wanted her food "too hot", but I'm not sure. Forty five minutes later, she finally calmed down enough to eat. She then requested dessert like nothing had happened. I nicely explained that there was no way in hell I was giving her dessert after her performance and she accepted that with no problems. Dessert was black bean brownies, so I could have let her have it. It's not like it's junk, but I didn't want her thinking she can do this again on another night when we have a real dessert.

I'm up to my bi weekly appointments for this pregnancy. The girls have been going to my appointments with me. We talk ahead of time about how I'll be weighed, my blood pressure will be taken, we'll listen to the baby's heart etc. I was getting Arya out of the van at the office today and she very seriously said to me "sometimes you go to doctor and peepee en cup". I think this is going to be fun the first time she tells people in public that I pee in a cup.

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