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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dallas 2013

We had a great trip to Dallas to visit my brother and an old friend. The kids had an amazing time while we were there. We had a very laid back trip, but that was perfect for us. It was nice to just visit and not feel like we had to go do a million things.

We went back to the Arboretum and saw all the pumpkins.

We also swam in Uncle Jason's hot tub. With the heat turned way down of course. Zia is apparently a little fish. I need to take her swimming. She wanted to float on her back. She was sticking her face in the water and was basically fearless. One night, she got out and just decided she was done. She walked over to the door and when no one followed, she came back to the hot tub, then walked to the towels. Eiley photo bombed a picture that I was trying to take of Zia. Zia turned around before the camera took the pic, so instead of just a kid running away, I got this gem. It cracks me up every time I see it.

We drove straight through both ways. It was long and tiring, but much better than last year. Each trip gets easier as the kids get older.

Cork put a pair of Zia's shorts on Arya one morning. I'm amazed that they sort of fit.

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