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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Call of the Wild

I don't know why, but Sikozu comes running whenever I turn on my breast pump. I was up pumping a lot when the girls were first born and we bottle fed at night. He would always visit me no matter where he had been when the pump turned on. I don't know if he likes the sound or if he knows that when I'm pumping my arms are kid free. Either way, he definitely knows the sound and hunts me down when I turn it on. I'm sure I've reinforced this as I always give him attention when he comes to visit.

The pump seems to travel around the house as it's been in our room, the kids' room, the office, the kitchen, the living room and the family room. I'm diligent about washing and sterilizing the parts, but obviously I wasn't too concerned about the case. I gave it a good bath after taking this picture because it was gross.


  1. haha cats are such funny creatures :) One of my cats goes nuts for the wii menu, something about the sound and he just comes running.

  2. The kitty probably smells milk! Our cats avoid anything that has to do with the baby. They have always pretty much avoided us though....