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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seasons of Love

Five hundred twenty five thousand size hundred minutes is how long our winter feels. Okay, maybe not that long. We do get all the seasons here and I love watching things change. It's staying lighter longer at night and the sun is rising earlier each day. We won't actually get into Spring for a while yet, but the sun is high in the sky and we are warming up a bit.

The girls both have RSV, so I'm not taking them to the gym kidcare. That's probably where they picked it up, but we don't need to pass it on. Their doctor let me know at their six month check up that RSV was going around. She took one look at them and knew that's what it was. They even have a nice body rash to go with their other symptoms. She mentioned that alternating between the warm house and cold outside will help clear their chests. I decided to take advantage of the weather since it was 34 and sunny today. We got to chat with a bunch of neighbors since they were taking advantage of the nice weather as well.


  1. It makes me SO mad that I've gotten "used to" this weather. I hate that 40 degrees (for us) is warm enough to get out! haha. I'm from South Florida- it's not supposed to be like this. 60* is supposed to be cold! Not anymore- if it gets up to even 50*, I'll be in capris & a shirt!!

    Glad to hear you're taking advantage of the warmER weather & that it's good for the girls!

    P.S. They both look super snugly!!! :)

  2. Yay for spring coming soon! Hope they get better quick!

  3. Hopefully they are feeling better! And hopefully it will get warmer! I always hated winters back east, it seemed to be winter at least 8 months of the year.