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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mad Eye Monday

Today I took a little trip to the eye doctor. The woman who dilated my pupils did a piss poor job. I could tell she'd done a bad job since I could continue reading my book with my left eye well after my right eye's vision was very blurry up close. I honestly don't know what she did, but the result made me laugh. I looked crazy. I should have been out on State Street in Madison singing song lyrics from a poster board or yelling at people like Scanner Dan.

To top it off, the doctor's office gave me this awesome pair of sunglasses to wear home under my normal glasses. Maybe I should make this my everyday sunglasses.


  1. WTH??! That is hilarious and yet soooo cool, omg! I love it, why do I love it?! hahahah Why the dialation anyway?

  2. That's creepy! Although still better than the sunglasses.....

  3. The first picture is super creepy but the second totally made me laugh haha. You should definitely ditch your regular sunglasses because they can't be better than those!