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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flint's Fist

I have been putting together a Treasure Box for the girls. I need to get some more stuff for it, but so far they love playing with it. Right now we have a good mix of plastic, wood and metal objects. I have some cloth things that were in the washing machine while I took the picture.

My favorite object so far is the big block of wooden cheese. That was my best find. I bought it for $.66 because I thought it was funny. When I got home I noticed it had a sticker on it with the company name and that it actually was a kid toy and not the completely random ugly cheese thing usually found in Wisconsin. I looked it up online and that block of wooden cheese is $17. Nice find!

The girls' favorite object is whatever the other one happens to be playing with.


  1. There really is no point in buying toys, kids always like the simplest things. The little girl I nannied for played with a set of plastic coasters for like 4 months.