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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to Cribs

The kids are doing two things at most meals recently. They are either refusing to even try what is being served or they are eating a few bites, saying they are done and then begging for other food 20 minutes later. I had a conversation with Eiley about this today after lunch. I explained that she has to eat at meals and she's not going to be given a snack 20 minutes later. At the end of the conversation I told her "because that's the way the cookie crumbles". Her response was "mmmm, cookie". I laughed because I'm sure that's all she got out of the entire conversation.

She and I had another conversation after I ate lunch and before she finally decided to eat.
E: Mmm, ahnew (I'm hungry)
V: What do you want to do today (Ignoring her statement that she's hungry because she just refused to eat)
E: Buy
V: You want to go shopping? (Having no interest in this whole shopping excursion she's talking about)
E: Yeah, buy ice cream
V: It's really nice out today, so that's a great idea, but you would have to eat lunch first. (I have to admit that she's got me a little interested now)
E: No Mmmm. Buy ice cream. (Then laughs at herself because she is saying that she doesn't want to eat lunch, just ice cream)

Poor kid seems to have inherited my love of sweets.
We are battling with the kids every night because they go to bed and then say they are hungry. We've started refusing to give them a snack when we know they aren't hungry. Tonight, I ended up putting them in their cribs when they wouldn't stay in their twin beds. They hated it!

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