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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Strong Willed

Isn't this the sweetest face? You'd never know by looking at her that she has huge outbursts. I let her throw a fit for at least 30 minutes today. I had and still have no idea what set her off. One second she was fine and the next she threw herself on the kitchen floor and just went ballistic. I asked if she was hungry, tired and everything else I could think of. She kept screaming "mama" but didn't want me to pick her up or hug her. After trying everything, I decided to just tell her that I was going to ignore her as long as she kept screaming. Of course she just kept going. I checked on her a couple times and then eventually moved her to her room. I told her that she could come downstairs when she calmed down. In the end, I went back upstairs and asked her if she was done. She stopped screaming, said "yes", came downstairs and was fine the rest of the day. This is the type of thing Eiley is doing almost daily right now. I was talking to a neighbor about it who also has a strong willed child. She gave me a book to read and said the tactics in it work for about 85% of strong willed kids. I'm willing to try anything right now because we have to stop her from trying to run the household. It's not fare to any of us if she is allowed to continue like this daily. So I'll start reading the book soon and hope that it works just as well for me as it did my neighbors.

This is sort of a random observation, but I do find it interesting that Eiley is very strong willed, but I would say that Arya is dominant right now. She will nicely walk up to Eiley and with a smile take anything that Eiley has that she wants. It's frustrating because she does it so sweetly and acts like she's done nothing wrong while Eiley is throwing a fit about whatever was taken from her before I could intervene. If you didn't see it happen, you'd think that Arya was completely innocent.

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