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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Apple Pie

I got so many things done today. Some times getting so much done makes me a little spacy. I roasted a couple pounds of beets, made 2 batches of waffles, and ran multiple washes for cloth diapers this morning before going to the gym. We came home from the gym, played outside, brushed the cats, scooped cat litter boxes, ate lunch, started more laundry, peeled all the beets and bagged them to freeze, and ran out the door again to go to the grocery store. I rounded the kids up, and headed out the door. Eiley went, but Arya ran back in to get her blanket. Of course she couldn't find it, so I ran back in to help her look. I hoped Eiley would stay in the stroller and not get into too much trouble. I came back out to find her like this. Yep, we were going to leave without her wearing shoes. This would not have been fun if I'd realized once we got to the car instead of in the garage.

What I did this morning might not sound like a lot, but with 2 active kids it is a lot. I feel like it takes all day to accomplish any task most days. I say that I take one step forward and five back all day long. This afternoon, I managed to make cookies with the kids, and cook chicken, polenta and roasted veggies for dinner. We had a mini set back with our cookies when I let the kids help with the frosting and we ended up with about 10 times more milk than we needed. Our sandwich cookies turned into cookies that could be dipped into the frosting before we ate them.

I let the kids decide what we would make. When they were on the swings in the back yard, they were talking about making something. They wanted to "make apple pie" but then decided cookies would be better. While they were talking about pie, I told them that Cork's birthday is next week and that we'll make him a pie for his birthday. The rest of the day I heard "happy birthday apple pie" over and over again. The apple pie part sounds just like apple pie, so any one could understand it. The happy birthday part is not quite so clear. It cracks me up to hear them concentrating and trying so hard to say it right. I don't think I can do it justice, but it sounds a little like "hop-bee buh-bay"

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