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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Eiley and I had this conversation today:
E: Mema Bepa night (she wants to see mema and bepa tonight)
V: Oh, Mema and Bepa are gone. We can't see them tonight.
E: Mema Bepa mahmow. (meaning she wanted to see them tomorrow)
This is the first time she's used words to designate time and when she wanted to do something. It was also the first time she's used the word mahmow (tomorrow). Arya has been saying "night" for tonight for a few days now and I think Eiley picked that up from her. I think it's fun to watch what they each learn from the other.

Today, Cork saw that the girls put a sticker on the glass of our entertainment until. I can't remember exactly what he asked me, but it was implied that I had seen them do it. Um, No! If I had seen them sticking a sticker on the glass, I would have stopped them before it was stuck. I took this picture later, and of course as soon as I tried to take the picture, Eiley tried to take the sticker off.

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