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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The kids finished eating lunch today and helped me clean up. You can read that as "made an even bigger mess" if you'd like. I was eating grapes from one of their plates as I cleared the table. Arya say me and yelled "Hey!"

I told the kids after lunch that I would change their diapers, then they could go upstairs, I would give them their pacifiers and they could take a nap. Their response was to duke it out over who could get their diaper changed first. Over the fits of screaming, I managed to pry Eiley off the side of the table and was ready to change Arya's diaper. She was laying with her head toward my right hand and I wanted her head toward my left. I'm not too great at changing her with her head toward the right and I was afraid I'd get poop everywhere. So, I asked her to turn over for me. She proceeded to roll over from her back to her front and then back to her back. I cracked up and she flashed me this huge smile. She wasn't sure what she had done that was funny, but she was so happy that she'd made me laugh.

After all that, the kids did not nap. They haven't napped since Saturday. They also aren't sleeping great at night, so they are super tired and a bit cranky. Saying they have been a bit cranky might be an understatement. Ugh! They are challenging me lately. They were coloring with crayons this afternoon and decided to throw all the crayons on the floor. I told them they had to pick up the crayons before they did anything else. I've started making them clean up their messes and they do not like it. When I told them a second time that they had to pick up the crayons, Arya folded her arms across her chest and stomped her foot once as she yelled "No". I honestly have no idea how parents do not laugh when their kids do things like this. I had the hardest time not smiling and think I pretty much failed. Eiley thought it was hilarious and copied Arya a little too well.

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