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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mistaken Identity

The girls used the potty today and got candy "diedie" right after. A couple minutes later Eiley told us she had to go potty again. Arya was very quick to chime in "no diedie you peepee on poppy Eiley". She knows the routine. They don't get candy if they sit on the potty and don't go. They also don't get candy if they were just on the potty. This is trying to deter them from saying they have to go when they don't and saying it because they want candy as a snack.

I was doing laundry today and heard Arya, walking through the back hall. She farted, laughed and said "my butt say pft" and made a fart noise with her mouth. I have never told them their butts "says" something, so this is entirely her own way of thinking.

Uncle Greggy came over today. I was in the kitchen when he got here and he asked the kids who was who. I could hear Arya tell him she was Eiley and Eiley tell him she was Arya. Good grief! This identity switching started much earlier than I thought it would. They were pretty amused with themselves and were cracking up.

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