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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sad Hello Kitty

The girls wore underwear all day today and most of yesterday with no accidents....until tonight. I ran upstairs at about 5:00 to shower. I got out of the shower less than 10 minutes later and could smell poop. I guess that's what I get for leaving them alone to shower. I told Arya that pooping on hello kitty makes hello kitty sad. I don't know if that's mean or not.

Until that incident, we had a great day. We played outside in the snow or over an hour, which really was the first time this winter. Every other time we've gotten snow it's either melted right away or it's been so cold right after that the girls didn't want to be out playing in it. Today was gorgeous, so we took advantage of it. We built a snowman and played on the slide in the backyard. The girls loved when I built up a pile of snow at the end of the slide that they could knock over when they launched off the end.

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