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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boston Trip

Every time we go on vacation, I try to keep the blog updated. This time I decided that I was not going to do that. I was going to enjoy the vacation, take pics at random and give one big update at the end. We left for Boston around noon on June, 28th. We stopped in Erie, PA and spent the night and then did the rest of our drive the next day. The kids had a blast while we were there. They played and swam hard with their cousins. We spent the first few days just outside of Boston. Then we went to Cape Cod and spent the fourth out there. We left there on Saturday the 6th and 3:10 am and got home about 19 hours later.

Do you like a side of toes with your peas? Driving was so much easier now that Zia eats solids and doesn't just breastfeed. If she was hungry, I could give her something while we drove.

If we give Zia her waterbottle and don't pay attention, she will keep drinking once she's done and spit it out all over herself, over and over again. Not the best game while in the car.

We all went to my sister's pool and spent a few hours swimming. This is the baby pool, that the members call the toilet bowl.

We took the kids to a park and let them swing together.

We visited some sights.

Swam at Cape Cod.

At icecream and were "benasters" after. Most people would say disasters.

Got really tired during our ride home and did weird things, like stick tissue up our noses, and refuse to take it out. (Miss Arya).
All in all, we had an amazing vacation with my parents, niece, nephew, and four of my siblings. It is not often we get that much family together, especially on short notice. The girls did not want to go home since they had so much fun.

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