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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cheese Hat

E: Look at the magic we can do. Turn the cheese into a cheese hat! (And she put a piece of wooden cheese on her head)
A: Turn the belt into a belt necklace (And she put a belt around her neck)

If only Eiley knew how funny the cheese magic was considering where she lives and that people really do wear ridiculous cheese hats.

I separated the twins for the first time tonight and feel like the worst mom. Both started the night in my room since Cork was gone. Eiley wouldn't stop yelling at me, and I forewarned her, so she ended up back in her room. She was less than happy about that. She screamed so hard I thought she was going to puke. I tried to calm her down, but she just wanted Arya. I stuck to my word though and would not let her go back to my room. Eventually she fell asleep. It was a long process and I feel like it was necessary to show her I meant what I said and that it is not okay to yell at me. I'm pretty sure it was harder on her than me, but it was still pretty hard to see her that upset.

Zia seems to think she's a triplet. She wants to do what the twins do. I caught her brushing her teeth in the bathroom this morning. Before that, she was in the twins' room, got herself a pair of underwear and yelled "ugh, ugh, ugh" at me until I put them on over her diaper.

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