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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christmas Kickoff

We kicked off our Christmas season today with our first holiday event. We stood in line for forty minutes to get a cookie, a cup of hot cocoa, and a cookie cookbook. Actually, Cork stood in line for forty minutes. The girls and I played on the playground for part of that. It sounds a bit ridiculous. We could have made cookies and hot chocolate at home faster than that. But it was fun and the kids had a good time.

Mema and Bepa visited today. Zia was showing off while they were here. She was pushing the American Girl jeep all over the house; running into things and people. She kept looking at everyone for acknowledgement. She definitely loves when we laugh at her.

We raked leaves this afternoon while Zia napped and then we all went swimming. I was going to take Zia last Monday, but she was not feeling well, so we stayed home. She had so much fun. She thought she should be swimming like the other two. She was trying to jump off the side. She held onto my hands and sort of fell into the water. She held her breath to go under. I pulled her back up and then she would try to kick off me to swim to the ladder. She would just sink, but didn't seem to care at all.
I nursed Zia tonight while Cork put the other two to bed. I went to tuck them in once I laid her down. I had heard Arya asking for water while I fed Zia. Her asking was a whine over and over "I need water. I need water." When I went into the room, Eiley was already asleep. Arya said to me "I don't know how Eiley fell asleep with all my whining." I cracked up, but figured those probably weren't her words. Cork had been up to give her water. I asked him and he had told her that about a minute before I saw her.

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