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Monday, November 11, 2013

First Snow

We got our first snow of the season today. I didn't think it would stick, but a little did. We all got bundled up, went outside, made a tiny snowman, and then swung on the swings. They all wanted to go down the slide, but I wouldn't let them. That slide gets super slick with snow. That with their snow pants is not a good combination. I didn't feel like making a trip to urgent care.

Zia only napped about 30 minutes today. She is getting to the age where she will happily skip a nap, or take a very short one, if allowed. Of course she's incredibly cranky by bed time when she does this and usually sleeps longer the next day. She slept in the car and on my shoulder while at The Home Depot. I put her in the crib around 2:00 this afternoon to try to get her to take a little bit longer nap. She was up there for about 20 minutes. Whining and playing and doing everything but sleeping. I could tell that there was no way she was going to sleep, so I gave in and got her.

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