Welcome to the Roe household blog. We're attempting to post 365 days of pictures in a Roe. Cork and I have been married since 2002 and welcomed identical daughters in August of 2009 after a struggle with infertility. Our girls were definitely worth the wait and I say they were destined to be here because they were conceived on my birthday, due on my sister's birthday and born on my grandma's birthday. What are the chances of that! We welcomed our third daughter in June of 2012. We all fell in love with her right away. She has two amazing older sisters who love to watch over her.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I bought a blender yesterday. Cork has had a busy week and basically hasn't been home. I want to look it over with him before I open it, so I left it in the family room next to the end table, next to the couch. Zia took this as an invitation to climb the box, to the end table, to the couch. Then she'd run around the couch like crazy. I moved the box, in hopes to stop the couch running. It did stop that, but it started the box scaling. The box is no longer on the family room floor.

I sat down with the twins today while Zia napped. Usually we spend a good chunk of her nap time reading. Today we spent that time writing. I don't think they write with pencils at school. It's something they did do last year though. It's not like I think they'll be damaged by writing with crayons instead of pencils this year, but since it's a skill they already know and enjoy doing, I figure it can't hurt to work on at home. Eiley started to write the alphabet all on her own while she sat on my lap. Arya was in a chair next to us and did the same. I'm pretty impressed with their writing skills.

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