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Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Arya and Eiley made me a birthday cake today. I helped frost it, but they did the decorating I'm very impressed with their writing skills. I had to tell them which letters to put, but they wrote it themselves I don't write well with a gel icing. They did fantastic though.

I had a very challenging day with all three kids today. Our plan was to go out for dinner as a family. By the time Cork got home, I wasn't sure that was a good idea. I wasn't sure any of them could behave long enough to get through a meal at a restaurant. The older two promised that they would behave, so we braved it and went out. The girls did pretty good. They sat politely most of the time we were there and ate well. Zia was a typical 18 month old. She was ready to be done before we were. With a little distraction here and there, she lasted until we were done.

Zia celebrated her 18 m birthday by being as obnoxious to her sisters as possible. She followed them around, took their stuff, and screamed in a high pitch scream all day. It was amusing at first, but the amusement didn't last. She is pretty funny most of the time though. She loves to do things and then yell "ah ha" to draw attention to herself. She likes to loudly run through all the name she knows, especially Arya and Dada"Papa, Dada, Arya, Mama, Dada, Arya, Dada, Arya, Nana, Dada, Arya". She calls both Arya and Eiley "Arya" and has even started using that for herself when you ask her to say Zia.

I had a late night working on the doll house and wrapping presents last night. I was super lame and took one scrap of paper and wrapped up April. The girls loved it.

The twins finished reading 1,000 books last week. I keep forgetting to take their picture with the chart. I asked what they wanted as a prize and again they wanted ice cream. I won't argue with that. With all the holiday junk food right now, it may be awhile before we take them.

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