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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toothbrush Woes

Zia impaled herself with a toothbrush today. She came down the stairs at my parents house, holding her toothbrush. I only heard one little thud, so I assume she tried to walk down the last step and fell. She managed to land on the toothbrush, in her mouth, so it stabbed her in the cheek. When I found her, she was sitting up with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. I asked my mom, the nurse, who asked my dad, the dentist, if we should pull it. I could see that it wasn't in anything but the fleshy part of her cheek. Once pulled, she had a nice size wound, but it didn't bleed nearly as much as I expected. Her tongue has bled way worse when she's bitten that. She was very unhappy most of the night. It obviously hurt when she laid on it and she ended up laying next to me and nursing most of the night.

These two are busy trying to teach Zia all sorts of tricks to hurt herself.

I made April a new skirt today. I'm sure the girls are going to love it.

I had a little fun with April today. That poor Elf.

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