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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Eiley had her first home work assignment today. She had a gingerbread cut out that we were supposed to decorate as a family. Every person in the family was supposed to participate. We did most of it before Cork came home, but he helped her with the final touches. Even Zia helped. I know she ate at least one, probably more, M&Ms with tacky glue. I forgot to take a picture of the finished gingerbread girl, so hopefully we eventually get it back from school. Eiley decided she wanted a girl and not a boy, so I drew a skirt onto the paper before and and Arya cut it out. Their cutting it out made me realize how much more advanced Eiley is right now in writing and cutting. She just loves to do both and will spend lots of time in the office doing both each day. Arya likes to play with her dolls and cuddle more. I need to come up with ways to help her along. I don't think she's falling behind. She still writes well, but I want to make it fun for her.

I love when Zia photo bombs us.

Zia loves to dance, and by dance I mean spin. She danced so hard that she fell over into the fireplace hearth tonight. Poor kid.

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