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Friday, January 24, 2014

Green Bean Thief

The thief strikes again. This time she stole raw green beans while I was cleaning them for dinner. This is a better choice than the chips, but she finished the chips she stole. The green beans she chewed up and then spit into the pot of clean green beans I was getting ready for the stove. Yum.

We have a library book right now in which some characters play music with glasses filled with different amounts of water. I told the twins we would try this out today. They thought it was really fun, but only for a couple minutes, then they lost interest and ran away. Zia came by and decided she should hit the glasses with the knife super hard, drink a bunch of water, and pour out the rest. After we did this, I decided to look up the glasses online. I don't think I'll be using those cups for music again. The site I found them on had them listed at $20 a piece and there were only two of them. I have seven.

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