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Monday, January 20, 2014

Washing Veggies

We had a big day around here. Big new things from each kid. Zia came and got me to go potty. She went and I took her off. I ran to the changing table to get a new diaper. She usually follows me, but didn't today. I went back to the bathroom to find her and she had pooed on the floor. Too funny. Guess I should have let her sit there longer because she really wasn't done. If only she could talk and not just grunt most of what she wants to say to us.

Arya asked me "Mom, how did the first person get alive?" So we had our first discussion on evolution, creationism, and a blend of both. I'm not sure how much she understood but I tried to explain it at her level.

Shortly after that discussion, Eiley asked me "Why do people get old and die?" This was quickly followed by "Do sometimes kids die?" Which of course started a new discussion. She very seriously told me that she does not want anything to happen to Zia.

On a lighter note, Eiley told me her bladder was full tonight, but she didn't have to urinate. So I told her it was her bowel that was full. She immediately ran to Arya, who was already on the potty, and told her "When you have to poo, your owl is full." I cracked up. Arya had some dairy today, so she was on the potty longer than usual. I checked on her a few minutes later and asked how she was doing. She said "I'm trying to be done, but my owl is so full."

Zia tries to help out around here. Her love of cleaning and Dawn dish soap have combined. She is now washing the veggies that I pull out of the fridge for dinner.

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