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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Waiting to be Born

This was a conversation with Eiley today after she farted.
E: Pee Pee
V: What?
E: She Peed
V: Not that either.
E: She She

Good grief child. She's getting too clever.

She was invited to a birthday party for a boy in her class. I'm pretty sure everyone in the class was invited. I asked what he likes because I have no idea what to get a 5 year old boy as a gift. She said he likes "Batman and all the mans". As in Superman, Spiderman etc.  But I love that she called them "the Mans".

I was in the kitchen and they wanted me to come pay house with them. I walked into the family room to this. They were waiting to be born. What nuts. They broke out of their little belly on the floor and I picked them up. I showed them how I used to scoop them up with one arm and how I'd sit on the couch with them. Then they wanted to know how they ate and of course the most logical next step was for Eiley to ask if she could nurse. Um, NO!. LOL.

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