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Monday, February 10, 2014

Asked and Answered

The older two brought cuties to school today for snack. I put a few extra in each backpack just in case any were bruised or hard to peel. Zia helped herself to one when Arya and Eiley got home. I didn't know it until I saw her eating it, partially peeled, by the garbage can.

I am reading a long book right now. It's almost 500 pages. Eiley saw it today and said "The illustrator and author must have got real tired!"

I asked the girls to put away laundry today. Arya told me "That is too much laundry for my little hands."

Arya's nose was running. She told me "My nose isn't working so well, so I think orange juice is the answer."

Eiley kept asking for chocolate and Arya kept asking for juice. When they keep asking the same thing now, I just tell them "Asked and answered". It is amazing how well it works. Eiley asked and Arya said "I think I may know the answer."

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