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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Morning Message

I had a conversation with Eiley's teacher tonight. I really really really love her teacher. Each day she has a different kid tell her something to put on the board. Last week, Eiley told everyone she is a twin. I didn't realize that the kids in her class had no idea. They all meet in the cafeteria each morning. Arya and Eiley wear the same coat, hat, snow pants, and boots most days. They sit at tables right next to each other, but the kids must have tunnel vision. They had no clue. I love that her being a twin hasn't defined her at school. She made it half the year without mentioning it.

Eiley was sounding out words at school today. She was playing a game with a letter on a tile and she got three tiles to start. So she had dog. She got to replace one of those letters with a new one and then had to figure out what the new word was. She was doing pretty good replacing the first letter and figuring out how it changed the word and that the words then rhymed.

I also learned that her class is talking about vowels right now. Her teacher said that she confused the class this week. She couldn't remember exactly what she had said, but she was talking about kids names in the classroom. There are two boys whose names start with the letter I, but the sound E. And then their Eiley who is the exact opposite. The teacher was talking about names in the class that started with an I or and E and the kids all got confused.

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