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Monday, February 24, 2014

Milk Drool

Zia picked her own clothes today and was so proud of herself. So many people say she looks just like Corky and I don't see it. It's just like when they say the twins look like me. I don't see that either. I see them as individuals and can see parts of us in them, but I rarely think they look just like us. I can definitely see Cork in this picture though.

That milk drool on her chin cracks me up. I wore her out! She pretty much never nurses to sleep anymore. At night, I've been nursing her downstairs and then rocking her for a few minutes in her room then putting her in her crib awake. She's gotten to the point that some nights I'll rock her two or three times and then she points to her crib for me to put her down. I miss nursing her in the rocking chair in her room at night, but I love that I'm not tied down to be there at bed time anymore.

Even when she picks her own clothes, she doesn't always leave them on.

Arya and Eiley have been doing things they know they shouldn't and then blaming it on their CareBears. We read a book about a girl who does this and her animal got taken away. I figured that would be enough to teach them, but they seemed to need to learn through first hand experience. I took their CareBears away today and tonight. Both are upset about it, but also know I'm serious. I didn't really take them. The bears are in their room, sort of taunting them, they just can't touch the bears. Tomorrow they'll get the bears back, but with a warning that if they continue to make bad choices with the bears, then the bears will go away again, but for longer.

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