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Monday, March 1, 2010

My So Called Life

Even though mom was up early, I decided to sleep in today. It's easy to sleep in when Eiley and I are up every hour or so throughout the night. I don't know what time I got up, but mom let me play in my crib until 7:35. She came and got me and put me in Eiley's crib, sitting, so I could smile at her when she woke. Eiley woke right away and then mom sat her up next to me so we could watch our jungle thing. We fell over while mom was getting our clothes for the day.

We went downstairs with mom, got dressed for the day, ate breakfast and were at the gym by 9:00. We played in the Kidcare at the gym until mom picked us up individually to eat. I like going to the locker room to eat because I know that means we aren't going straight home after the gym. Once I was fed, mom fed Eiley and then packed us both up in our car seats. She gave us toys to play with and we headed out. I don't know for sure where we went because I feel asleep, but Eiley told me we went to some store we'd never been to before and the library. She also told me she fell asleep on the way home from the library, but made sure she was awake within 5 minutes of getting home so mom wouldn't be lonely. She helped mom eat her lunch by grabbing at her salad and sticking her sock in some ketchup. Finally mom gave up and fed Eiley even though she'd eaten just over an hour before.

Mom told us later that it was a good thing we were asleep when we got home because we might have been jealous of the twins down the street who were apparently having a twin play date without us. We don't really care though because all the twins there were boys and much older than us.

A half hour after Eiley woke up, I was up and ready to go. We all play on the floor for a while. We're being really good, so Mom puts me down in the jumper, next to Eiley in the exersaucer and goes to put laundry away. I think she's wised up to us because she puts our laundry away before attempting to do hers. We are good and give her five whole minutes while we grumble, then we start to scream. Mom comes back down stairs to find me yelling as loud as I can, jumping up and down and smiling at her. I've gotten good at manipulation. I decide I absolutely have to eat right this second. I eat for a minute or two and then decide I can wait and no one can make me eat.

We play for another hour on the floor with mom and then I decide I need to eat again. This time I actually eat instead of taking a short snack. Eiley wants to eat too, so mom tries to feed her with me, but neither of us is happy. Eiley makes a bigger fuss than me, so mom makes her wait until I'm done. When we finish, we play on the floor again while mom goes to do some vacuuming. She isn't gone long though because we aren't ready for her to leave us alone and we get mad.

It's a really nice day, so mom bundles us up and we ride in our stroller seats for the first time ever. We both pass out while we're on the walk and give mom a whole 40 minutes to herself when we get home. When we both wake up at the same time, we see that she spent that time doing dinner prep. I think she should have played on the floor some more. I really enjoy doing that. We're starving when we get up and mom tries to feed us together again. Doesn't she realize we'll only eat together at night? Why does she even bother trying? I throw a bigger fit this time, so I have to wait. Mom doesn't like when we hit each other in the head while we're trying to eat because we end up doing more yelling than eating.

After we finish eating, we're back on the floor playing again. Within an hour Eiley is super cranky and mom tells her it's time for some alone time. She goes to her crib and her jungle thing gets turned on again. She starts yelling pretty quickly though and mom can tell she's not going to sleep. We go play with her for a few minutes in her crib and then we all come downstairs for some banana. I just started eating this a few days ago, but it's my favorite. I eat almost a whole banana while Eiley screams next to me. She's mad because she's tired, done eating, and wants out of her chair. She goes upstairs again and takes a 3o minute nap.

While Eiley sleeps, mom and I make chicken pot pie for dinner. Dad gets home right after it comes out of the oven. Eiley has been awake for a while by that time and Mom is carrying us both around. Dad takes Eiley and we all play for a few minutes and then sit down for dinner. We're all happy until Mom gives me a spoon. I get so angry that it has nothing on it, so I throw a huge fit. Mom takes me out of my chair and realizes what I really want is some of the chicken stuff. She feeds me potato and zucchini out of her bowl and I love it.

After dinner we get our jammies on and play for a while. Before we get our jammies on, Mom realizes that all three of us only have one sock on. I pulled mine off, Eiley's is off because of the ketchup and Mom's is gone because it was covered in banana. She thinks this is funny and takes a picture of it. Mom feeds us one last time and we go to bed. Maybe we'll be up at least once an hour again just so we can make sure Mom doesn't get too used to our new trick of sleeping for 3 or 4 hours. We've both made sure we're up once during the first hour of being in bed, so we're off to a great start.


  1. Wow, that is a busy day! I love the first picture! I have twin cousins that used to sleep like that every night!

  2. hahahaha!!! I bet you have all kinds of silly pictures of the two of them! I did a session for 3 month old (at the time) twin boys- it was just a lot of fun photographing 2 babies at the same time! :P The picture of the girls in their stroller is so cute! This was a good read- from A's POV! ;)

  3. Cute pictures :) Love the first one haha.

  4. I love the POV! And the last pic made me LOL