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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Chaos that Is

We had an awesome day today. It was supposed to be stormy, so we made plans to go to the children's museum downtown. It was so nice that we met at a friends condo and walked to the museum. We spent a few hours there between the exhibits and the toddler class. Then, we walked to the downtown market and had lunch and then were off to our friends house for a short time before leaving. By the time we got home, we'd been gone for 5 hours and I was sure the girls would crash hard. They were up about 60 minutes later. Arya was in a great mood when she got up, but Eiley was not.

I bathed the girls last night and Arya peed on the floor before I could get her into the tub. That made me think about how they used to urinate every time we took their diaper off. In the middle of the night we'd always miss it and not realize that their sleeping gown was wet until we picked them up. Of course since I thought about it, Arya did it today. I took her diaper off after her nap and she peed on the changing table. I saw it before she got it on her clothes. I assumed she was done when she stopped and put her on the floor. Her diaper was not on yet, but I didn't want her laying on the changing table. I grabbed an insert for her diaper and when I looked back, I found her watching herself pee. She starting laughing and was so proud of herself. Eiley was screaming during all of this since she wanted to be picked up. I feel like it's always chaotic around here, but at least it stays entertaining.

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