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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pee.Pee Night Night

Yesterday, Arya figured out how to climb into her crib. I think the only reason the two of them haven't climbed out is because they always have a playmate at nap and bedtime and can goof off next to each other. They don't have a reason to escape. Arya wanted into the crib yesterday to jump, but I told her she had to wait until I finished putting her clean clothes in her dresser. She apparently didn't want to wait and climbed on in. The blog pictures show how my kids climb everything. I rarely get nervous about something they are doing because I know their ability. I was nervous when I saw her doing this. She is not good at it and it's like watching a drunken teenager trying a new stung he's never done before. She kept doing it today and I was less nervous each time, but she still looks drunk and unsteady.

We had a long day yesterday and the kids did not get to bed until late. Because of that, they were pretty tired this morning. We put them in their cribs to nap, but they had other plans. They played and squealed and were quite and then played and squealed again. Cork ran some errands and I took a shower. After my shower I decided it was time to check on them. When I opened the door I found that they'd thrown everything out of their cribs, which is typical. They had also chucked their pajamas and wet diapers. That wasn't it though. Eiley had urinated on her crib sheet. When I asked her about it, Arya laughed and giggled and yelled "I-E pee.pee night night". She definitely thought it was funnier than I did. Before I knew it, Arya was urinating in her own crib, laughing up a storm. I had to strip their beds, wash everything and explain to them, during their bath, why they shouldn't "pee.pee" in their cribs.

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