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Friday, August 5, 2011

State Fair

Before we left the house this morning, the kids were goofing off on the couch. I'm not a big fan of their new game which includes pitching all the cushions off the couch and then hanging on it. So far I haven't been able to get them to stop this. I especially am not a fan of this game in the living room instead of the family room.

It's a good thing we had lots planned for today since the kids were so full of energy. Wisconsin's State Fair is held a couple miles from our house. We used to live a few blocks from the fair grounds, yet rarely went to the fair. I'm not a big fan as the fair seems to attract the freaks and weirdos who otherwise rarely leave their homes. We managed to get some free fair tickets at a fundraiser in December of last year. We probably would have taken the kids to the fair anyway, but the tickets were a great incentive for Cork to take a day of vacation so we could go when the crowds were a little lighter and all of the animals were still around.

We let the kids eat just about anything they wanted today. We started with free samples including  ice cream in tiny little cones. They were perfect sized for the kids.

After the ice cream, we moved onto flavored milk. One of Wisconsin's senators always sponsors a milk booth where plastic cups of flavored milk are only $.25. This senator is retiring after his current term is done. I don't know if he'll continue to sponsor the milk booth, but I hope he does. Arya and Eiley never get cows milk because of what it does to them. We made an exception and got them each a glass of chocolate milk. I threw away my no-dairy rule and helped myself to a glass of banana and a glass of cherry vanilla milk. Cork has the cherry vanilla and strawberry. The kids loved their chocolate, but also put a big dent in all the other flavors. I know you're thinking that banana milk has to be disgusting, but it's actually really good. Much better than the rootbeer flavored one. Blah!

We fed the kids grilled cheese for lunch. We figured if they were doing dairy we might as well go all out. After lunch they were exhausted from our long morning. We had gone through barns full of all sorts of animals. They absolutely loved the cows and the baby chicks. They even got to pet one of each. Lucky girls.

We took the kids home around 1:30 since both had crashed. Once home, both kids were rejuvenated and did not nap at all. Since they were up, we had a little quiet time and home and then headed back to the fair around 5:00. We made a quick stop for burgers and fed the kids their very first McDonalds hamburgers. Arya kept talking about "buy meat" since she was so happy with the hamburger. We stayed at the fair until about 7:30 and got to the kids in bed by 8:00. They were both exhausted and did not fight going to bed at all. They did really well today considering they both stayed up until about 9:00 last night.

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