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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bye Bye Elelalalalalala

I didn't shower today until the kids went to bed. I was busy working outside and in the kitchen most of the day. When we were getting ready to bathe the kids, Arya looked at me and told me, "momma, you one stinky monkey". At least she's honest. Honest, but still sneaky. They helped themselves to granola and almonds this morning and brought them outside, along with toys, chairs, blankets and a cat bed.

Both kids said elephant today, not their typical elelalalalalalala. I'm going to miss the way they've said it for over a year now.

Housework with these two is never ending. They love to create a mess while I'm cleaning up somewhere else. I was vacuuming today while they were happily washing their arms and legs in the bathroom. I had to chase them out of there and clean up in there once I was done vacuuming.

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